Friday, 28 November 2008

James Cameron in The Guardian today

The great journalist James Cameron knew my father. He was his doctor. James wrote a wonderful column about my dad Jerry Slattery when he died, which The Guardian has re-published here today as the archive piece on its leader page. It was a bit of a shock to read it again more than 30 years later. I hope they are sharing a whisky somewhere.

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D said...

I knew Jerry, he was my Doctor. He was an extraordinary man. I remember when I was in my mid-teens
I got a nasty infection, I went to see Jerry who said I needed to be hospitalised. So he put me in his Morris Minor, drove me to the old Royal Free, strode in, demanded a bed for me, and got it, made sure I was comfortable and left. You would not get that treatment from your GP these days. Maybe this kind of personal treatment is what's missing from the NHS today.
Cheers Jerry.