Wednesday 26 October 2011

Occupied Times of London launches at St. Paul's

The Occupy London protesters camped outside St. Paul's launched their own newspaper - The Occupied Times of London - today quoting some activists saying they were prepared to stay "until Christmas".

The paper has produced its first edition, running to 12 pages, a fortnight after the camp was set up outside St. Paul's Cathedral.

Around 2.000 copies of The Occupied Times of London will be distributed to people at the camp, visitors and city workers.

The back page of the paper carries the slogan "Here To Stay" which is designed to be used as a placard.

However, the London Evening Standard, is leading on a story tonight saying the City of London Corporation believes it has discovered legal grounds to evict the demonstrators.

The Standard says protesters have vowed to fight the move with "a team of solicitors and barristers" supporting them, claiming: "This is a civil liberties issue." It also reports that St. Paul's may reopen to the public on Friday.

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