Thursday 27 October 2011

Jeremy Clarkson lifts 'pointless' privacy injuction

Top Gear presenter and national newspaper columnist Jeremy Clarkson has lifted a privacy injunction banning his ex-wife from claiming they had an affair after he remarried, saying it was "pointless", the Sun reports today.

Clarkson, a columnist for the Sun and the Sunday Times, is quoted as saying: "People can now believe her story or not."

His first wife Alexandra Hall claims their sexual relationship continued after he married Frances. Clarkson applied for the order, granted last October, to be lifted so he could defend himself against claims. The High Court Queen's Bench Division agreed, meaning Hall can now write about her allegations for the first time.

Clarkson told the Sun: "Injunctions don't work, they are pointless. If you have one, everyone on Twitter and the internet knows you've got it.

"But because I am bound by the same order, I can't speak about it or defend myself. There is an assumption that I am guilty because I can't say anything.

"My wife and I decided to let it go. My ex-wife is now free to tell her story and people can either believe it or not, it's up to them. "

The injunction banned any reporting of "sexual or other intimate acts or dealings" between the pair. It also barred reporting his "private thoughts, feelings, his health and financial affairs".

The Sun says in a statement released by her agent Max Clifford, Hall said: "I'm delighted the injunction has been withdrawn. It feels like a huge cloud has been lifted."

It also reports that Clarkson will spend the rest of the week working 300m under the ocean on a Royal Navy submarine.

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