Monday 3 October 2011

When journalism isn't working: Blog on the dole

I discovered a new blog by an unemployed journalism graduate, called Dole House Blues, at the weekend.

It's a sort of son of the excellent Unemployed Hack.

I like the way the writer of Dole House Blues describes themselves:

"I have a journalism degree. A good one. A first-class honours one.

I have NCTJ certificates coming out of my arse. Yes, even the 100 wpm shorthand one.

I have been published. Sometimes for money; mostly for free.

I have applied for jobs. Ones I really wanted; lots I didn’t.

I am on the dole.

I am going to tell you about it…"

More strength to Dole House Blues and Unemployed Hack.

And another thing...I'd love to see Unemployed Hack win the George Orwell Prize for blogging.


Pete said...

This sounds like a bit of a sob story when many others have taken a proactive approach and succeeded. You only need to check out wannabe hacks to discover that. Frankly complaining about how many qualifications you have is pointless. Journalism never just happens, you have to actively want to be a part of it. If you can't be creative with it, you shouldn't be a journalist.

Anonymous said...

It is desperately unfair to suggest that journalism graduates - who once had trainee positions and now have unpaid internships - are to blame for being unemployed. The journalism industry has been decimated with many, many journalists - and those jobs - made redundant. I received similar comments when I first started blogging - with 20 years of journalism experience, staff and freelance on locals, regionals and nationals. I do not accept that it is my fault I am one among 2.5 million unemployed and nor should this new blogger. And, for what it's worth I have a BA and an MA and I'm now told by Jobcentre Plus to pretend I have fewer qualifications and less experience ... I suppose that could be called being creative.