Wednesday 9 February 2011

Round Three: Croydon editor unmasks blogger

Now it's war. Croydon Advertiser editor Glenn Ebrey has unmasked the blogger he believes is behind Inside Croydon, which describes his paper as the "Sadvertiser" and claims it is "patronising and dull."

On the Croydon Advertiser website Ebrey has a link to Inside Croydon with a barbed post: "Click on the link above and The Insider’s readership might just hit double figures. Oh, by the way, his name is Steven Downes. He used to submit sports articles for us but then we found someone better." The post is headed: "Touched a nerve".

Round One: As I revealed yesterday Ebrey wrote an "open letter" challenging the anonymous blogger behind Inside Croydon to spend a day at the paper's office so he could see how hard the staff work and how dedicated they are.

Round Two: Inside Croydon responded: "It’s heartening, Glenn, to see that you defend your “hard-working” staff and “the dedication and hours they put into producing the paper each week.

"If you don’t mind, for now we’ll pass your offer for us to give up a day of our expertise to give your staff some training and show them how to do their jobs. And we will continue to judge them, and you, on results."

  • Round Four: (see post from Steven Downes below)


Steven said...

"Now it's war"? Is it?

"Unmasked"? I don't think so. I've never made any secret about my involvement in Inside Croydon, and am no more anonymous than, say, Ian Hislop is "anonymous" as the editor of Private Eye.

Even the ex-news editor of the Croydon Ad admits she knew I had set up the site within days of its launch.

But I suppose this is what amounts to "investigative journalism" at the Croydon Advertiser.

Interesting for all the *anonymously* posted invective in the comments on Ebrey's blog, not a single one has taken issue with the factual accuracy of Inside Croydon's response.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like a bitter, somewhat resentful wannabe-journalist wanting to challenge people who are better, more qualified than he is. This is why some people shouldn't be allowed near computers. They think they're journalists or bloggers. Put in fact are spam-pushers.
Leave the blogs, comment pieces to the professionals lad.