Wednesday 16 February 2011

More puns purr-lease: Larry the cat enters No 10

The Sun goes puntastic in a leader today welcoming David Cameron's new rat-catcher - Larry the cat - to Downing Street.

Under the headline "Paw and order," The Sun says: "Cats, not cuts are order of the day in Downing Street.

"David Cameron has taken in Larry, a tabby to tackle No 10's rat insurgency.

"Do a good job and he'll be made Purr-menant Secretary."

The Daily Mirror takes an anti-Government stance: "Larry the cat was brought in yesterday to clear Downing Street of rats – and there is no shortage of them around at the moment.

"He got straight to work, too, as Chancellor George Osborne was spotted scurrying off to a meeting as soon as the moggy arrived."

The Times, which has dubbed Larry No 10's "rodent czar," reveals he hasn't got off to a great start with the media and reports: "It emerged last night that he had attacked at least one television reporter, Lucy Manning, ITV News political correspondent, who showed off her injuries on Twitter. She reported that she received 'four big scratches' and that her only provocation had been trying to hold him."

Pics: Larry by Reuters (top). Larry meets Lucy Manning (ITV).

  • Larry has already penned his first blog via Iain Martin of the Wall Street Journal Europe.


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