Tuesday 15 February 2011

Littlejohn uses Guardian to fill his Mail column

Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn and the Guardian are hardly a marriage made in heaven. But, in a piece bashing local councils, Littlejohn reveals how he has relied on the Guardian to help fill his column.

Littlejohn writes: "For the past 20-odd years, this column has made a decent living documenting the insanity and waste in Britain’s Town Halls.

"If all else failed, there was always the Guardian jobs pages on a Wednesday to dig me out of a hole.

"The recruitment of five-a-day enforcers, lesbian bereavement counsellors and assorted real nappy outreach co-ordinators was guaranteed to raise a giggle."

There's even a picture of a serious looking bloke reading the Guardian to illustrate Littlejohn's article (see top).

1 comment:

SamfromStroud said...

Ahh Richard Littlejohn, if I'm ever at a loss for a target to direct sneering derision at, there you are.

Predictable, dependable and always willing to put forth the effort to say something fatuous and devoid of wit.

One might almost describe you as a right Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary.