Tuesday 8 February 2011

Blog bites back at Croydon editor's challenge

Oh dear, if Croydon Advertiser editor Glenn Ebrey thought he was going to placate the paper's arch critic, the blog Inside Croydon , he was sadly mistaken.

His "open letter" challenging the anonymous blogger behind Inside Croydon to spend a day at the paper's office, so he could see how hard the staff work, has been flung back in his face.

Inside Croydon's response is to suggest that Ebrey may even owe his post as editor to the blog, claiming:"Ebrey started working in Croydon barely six months ago. In a small way, he may even owe his current position to Inside Croydon, since we first highlighted the idiocy of a paper that can run a splash about an illegal brothel in the borough (which reporters had been told about by campaigners almost a year earlier), and yet continued to advertise the very same establishment."

It continues..."Today, Ebrey has taken offence at Inside Croydon‘s coverage of his sadly declining rag. He’d better develop a thicker skin, and quickly."

As for the offer of a day at the Advertiser? It's spurned. "It’s heartening, Glenn, to see that you defend your “hard-working” staff and “the dedication and hours they put into producing the paper each week.

"If you don’t mind, for now we’ll pass your offer for us to give up a day of our expertise to give your staff some training and show them how to do their jobs. And we will continue to judge them, and you, on results."

Ouch! These bloggers play rough.

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