Friday 4 February 2011

City launches new innovation in journalism award

A new £500 prize for journalistic excellence and innovation has been launched by the Department of Journalism at City University, London.

The XCity Award will go to a City graduate who in the past year has made an outstanding contribution to journalism in terms of making a difference in the way news and features are written or presented.

Nominations for the award are now open and can be submitted online. They can be made for innovation in the way news is delivered, such as hyperlocal sites or apps; a new take on multimedia; the introduction of a ground breaking broadcast or publication; or a series of articles or programmes using traditional journalism skills that bring about change, or stop people in their tracks.

Professor George Brock, head of journalism at City, said: "The Department of Journalism at City University London is proud to send many of our graduates into top media jobs. We want to underline this with this new award and to shine a light on special contributions which our alumni make to the newsrooms they work in or to innovation in journalism."

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