Thursday 4 November 2010

PM: Journalists' Charity represents 'Big Society'

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the Journalists' Charity - founded by a group of Parliamentary journalists in 1860 to help their colleagues and families - represents his vision of the "Big Society".

Cameron, guest speaker at a reception for the Charity at the Irish Embassy in London last night, noted that it was "founded by a few hacks in a pub because they wanted to help journalists who had fallen on hard times and got on and did it - the Big Society in action."

The Prime Minister also urged the press to show a sense of responsibility and not treat all politicians as if they were "crooks and sleazebags". He said it should be recognised that people wanted to do good things in Parliament and it was not all about "cynicism and spin."

  • The Journalists' Charity, previously known as the Newspaper Press Fund, runs a care home for journalists in Dorking and gives grants to journalists and their dependants in need. Among its earliest supporters was Charles Dickens.

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Miles said...

Pretty much all trade unions were founded by a group of people sitting in a pub who wanted to help their colleagues.
So I look forward to the Prime Minister urging everyone to play their play their part in the Big Society by joining the relevant union and getting active.