Sunday 21 November 2010

EDP holds the front page for something different

The Eastern Daily Press devoted its front page on Saturday to a petition form calling on the Prime Minister to maintain RAF Marham in Norfolk as the base for the UK's Tornadoes.

EDP editor Peter Waters, writing in the paper, said: "You'll have noticed that there is something different about today's front page. Normally there is a sizable headline in Centennial Black typeface and an accompanying story. There is usually a large photograph.

"Today we've published a petition form, something I don't believe we have done in the 140-year history of the Eastern Daily Press...We have, as we do in Norfolk , 'dun diff'rent' because the issue at stake is of the highest importance - it is the future of the last RAF flying base in the county."

  • According to the EDP's 'Make It Marham' campaign, the base employs around 5000 staff, with family members making a community of around 8000. Their incomes, combined with the purchase of goods and services from local businesses, contribute in excess of £130 million to the local economy.

1 comment:

David MacLean said...

The editor says a petition has never been printed on the front cover in the paper's history - and you can see why.

It doesn't make much of a statement and has no real impact.

It looks dreadful.