Saturday 20 November 2010

Heffer warns press not to hound Kate Middleton

Simon Heffer in the Telegraph today warns the "bottom-feeders" of the British press that the public will not forgive them if they mistreat royal bride to be Kate Middleton.

Heffer writes: "There are a number of people in my trade around the world who have the blood of Diana, Princess of Wales on their hands because of how she was pursued literally to her death in 1997.

"We cannot control the foreign press; but the bottom-feeders of the British media should be aware of one thing regarding Kate Middleton. Any treatment of her that smacks of prurience, unfairness, impropriety or cruelty will go down exceptionally badly with the British public.

"Their sense of decency was violated by what happened to Prince William’s mother. They will not forgive so easily next time. If anyone thinks that exploiting Miss Middleton is a route to building bigger audiences, I would warn them that the reality may be rather different."

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