Wednesday 17 November 2010

Independent's Simon Kelner: 'Sneering Guardian is having its royal wedding cake and eating it'

editor-in-chief Simon Kelner accused the Guardian of "having its cake and eating it" today by running the royal wedding story and picture on its front page while being "quite sneering" in its coverage.

Kelner, speaking on Radio 4's The Media Show, defended his paper's decision to lead on the Irish economic crisis and put the wedding plans of Prince William and Kate Middleton on inside pages. It was the only national paper not to feature it on the front.

He said of the Irish story: "I think it was the most important of the day." Kelner said the Indy had a tradition of "not following the herd as far as royal coverage is concerned" and had judged both stories on their merits.

Kelner also described the Telegraph's massive coverage of the royal couple today as "like eating a box of Malteasers".

  • Technical gremlins hit The Media Show today and it was forced off the air shortly before the end of the programme.

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