Monday 15 November 2010

Kelvin MacKenzie: 'I wanted to expose myself'

Kelvin MacKenzie is in good form in the Independent today in an interview with Andy McSmith.

He says: "I always thought when editing The Sun that the greatest journalistic act I could perform would be actually exposing myself so you'd end up with a headline: 'Sun Editor in three-in-a-bed scandal'. And you'd start with an intro: 'Kelvin MacKenzie wept with shame last night as it was revealed...' "

MacKenzie adds: "I think the idea that editors are in some way part of the establishment is just plain wrong. . .The idea that the Prime Minister would ask you what you thought about something is truly, truly absurd."

He also reveals that the invitation for a party celebrating his 50th year in journalism ( in three years time) will read: "50 Years of Bringing the Game into Disrepute."

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