Wednesday 22 September 2010

Pope beats George Michael to number one spot

Stories about the Pope's visit to Britain, boosted by debates about secularism, atheism, paedophilia and terror threats during his UK tour, were given the most coverage by the press in the week ending Sunday 19 September, according to journalisted.

The Pope's visit generated 797 articles, Nick Clegg, in the run-up to the Lib Dem party conference, 306 articles; George Michael's jailing for drug-driving, 89 articles; and Lady GaGa in that meat dress, 44 articles.

Journalisted said covered little were: Parliamentary elections in Sweden, in which the far right were expected to gain much greater support, 9 articles; US arms sold to Saudi Arabia, the largest weapons deal in US history, 6 articles; MI5 chief Jonathan Evans warnings of heightened UK terrorist threat from Irish dissidents and UK residents training in Somalia, 6 articles; and journalists killed in Mexico, victims of the ongoing drug war, 1 article.

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