Monday 27 September 2010

Cartoonist Steve Bell eyes up Ed Miliband

cartoonist Steve Bell, writing in the paper today, already has a line on new Labour leader Ed Miliband, saying he has "crazy, staring eyeballs."

Bell adds: "His brother David has similar eyes but nowhere near as dramatic. I once had Gordon Brown tell Ed: 'Since Tony left, this government has had a mad eye deficiency, and you've not one but two.'

"He has huge potential for caricature. Like John Prescott and unlike Tony Blair, his face tends to betray what is on his mind. Most politicians put on a guarded expression, but his face is more open and seems to let his feelings show.

"He has been caught gurning a couple of times, and looked like a rabbit caught in headlights just before the result was announced. That is great, not just for me as a cartoonist but for politics."

Steve Bell (by himself) top left; Ed Miliband by Bell with 'crazy, staring, eyeballs' (right).

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