Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lady GaGa is meat and drink to headline writers

Lady GaGa outrageously dressed in an outfit made of raw meat at the MTV Video Music Awards is a gift to headline writers and punning subs.
To the Sun the "BEEF-CLAD pop Queen" looks "offal", she's pleased to "meat you," and readers are urged to "have a butcher's" at her dress.
In The Times she's a "fleshy dresser".
The Guardian goes for the more subtle play on a Smiths' song: "Meat is madder". It describes Lady GaGa's frock as being "a cut above" and a picture of her feet is captioned: "Plates of meat".
While telegraph.co.uk is pun free and plays it straight with the headline:"Lady Gaga's meat dress divides opinion."

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