Saturday 11 September 2010

Heffer compares Coulson to Harold Shipman

Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph today compares Andy Coulson to mass murderer Harold Shipman.
Heffer writes: "Dave [Cameron] took a foolish risk appointing Andy Coulson as his press chief – it’s rather as if he had put Harold Shipman in charge of geriatric care. Mr Coulson ran a newspaper at which a serious criminal enterprise was undertaken. If he knew about it (and he claims he didn’t), then he should never work anywhere respectable again. If he didn’t, his level of competence was such that he ought not to be parking Dave’s car for him, let alone running his media operation.
"I am in no doubt that Mr Coulson should resign, because he is a massive distraction, and one that is going to get worse as the Standards and Privileges Committee, with its power to summon reluctant witnesses, investigates phone-hacking."

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