Friday 24 September 2010

Judith Townend: Podcast on bloggers and the law

Judith Townend has produced a podcast on her new Meeja Law website in which she talks to bloggers, journalists and a lawyer about fighting legal battles online.

It includes a discussion with multimedia journalist Adam Westbrook and myself; Richard Wilson, an author and blogger who has been threatened with libel action, talks about the risks of online publishing; Connie St Louis, head of the Science Journalism MA at City University London and an experienced broadcaster shares her thoughts on science and the libel reform debate.

There is also an interview with Robert Dougans, the solicitor who represented author and journalist Simon Singh in his libel case.

Townend, formerly a reporter with, has just started studying for a PhD at City University's new centre of law, justice and journalism, focusing on legal restraints on the media.

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