Thursday, 1 July 2010

Kelvin MacKenzie: 'Shut down the media colleges'

Kelvin MacKenzie admits in his Sun column today to reading the Guardian - "hoping to find an announcement that the paper had gone into voluntary liquidation" - when he chanced upon an ad for a £38,000 a year lecturer at the Bournemouth University Media School.
He quotes from the ad which said the school is "providing innovative solutions to pedagogic issues in the teaching of media" which he describes as "codswallop".
MacKenzie says that according to the latest graduate job survey, there are 106.4 graduates for every media job - adding "the 0.4 are presumably writing to Trinity Media".
He adds:"Let me tell you, there are no jobs in newspapers, telly or radio."
MacKenzie's says the Government should tell vice-chancellors to shut these "waste-of-time media colleges."

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optionplayer said...

sadly Kevin is not just a wide boy- but a News corp puppet/ & his uncouth words abiut many subjects only remind us we have the fox rep here already -- his lack of inteliegence is overtaken by his and many for their greed for financial assignments at any cost