Thursday 29 July 2010

Off with their heads! Another Johnston picture fail

It looks like production gremlins have again hit a newspaper owned by Johnston Press, which has introduced a controversial new editorial content management system.
This time it's the pictures with a story in Tuesday's Sheffield Star, about a sculpture in tribute to ex-Sheffield United stars Derek Dooley and Joe Shaw, which don't fit the page.
The gaffe follows a series of editorial howlers that led the NUJ to warn JP managers in April that their newspapers were being made to "look silly". The union claimed the mistakes were down to the new Atex content management system being forced onto newspapers with inadequate training and staffing.
One of the howlers the union highlighted was a Sheffield Star front page with pictures of a group of convicted football hooligans with most of their faces blacked out.
  • Another Johnston Press paper, the Bedfordshire Times & Citizen, became an internet sensation in June after it appeared with a front page splash headed: "headline headghgh".
  • Then there was the infamous "workflow memo" from Paul Bentham, managing director of Johnston Press' South Yorkshire titles, which suggested editors should not continue with the old practice of reading every story before they were published.


Anonymous said...

The was one in the Scarborough Evening News yesterday, will scan it in tonight, looked like there had been no cropping or resizing of the original image.

Jeffrey! said...

Happy to see the press finally respecting the privacy of the figures on whom it reports, by partially obscuring their faces.