Monday 19 July 2010

Stephen Glover: 'Why you won't read all about it'

Stephen Glover in his Independent column today claims that the Daily Mail and the Telegraph are continuing an agreement not to write about each other.
As evidence, he says that last week the Daily Mail's Richard Kay column reported that Guy Black had taken his seat in the House of Lords as a Conservative working peer but made no mention of his current job as executive director of the Telegraph Group.
Glover claims: "To omit the Telegraph connection is a bit like writing about the Duke of Wellington without any reference to the Battle of Waterloo. The reason for the omission is that The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail have a bizarre agreement whereby neither paper ever mentions the other.
"The origin of the deal, which I first wrote about several years ago, was a lingering hope on the part of the Mail that it might one day buy the Telegraph, and so did not wish to risk offending its owners, the Barclay brothers. The possibility of such a purchase may now seem more remote than it once did, but the agreement persists."
  • Glover also claims that the Sun has only run a short story on the latest revelations about Boris Johnson's private life because of "its agreement to protect the Tories".

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