Monday 26 July 2010

NY Times: 'Why we published Afghan War Logs'

The New York Times has defended publication of the Afghan War Logs, the intelligence documents leaked by WikiLeaks to the US paper, the Guardian and Der Spiegel.
The Times in a note to readers says: "Deciding whether to publish secret information is always difficult, and after weighing the risks and public interest, we sometimes chose not to publish. But there are times when the information is of significant public interest, and this is one of those times.
"The documents illuminate the extraordinary difficulty of what the United States and its allies have undertaken in a way that other accounts have not. Most of the incident reports are marked “secret,” a relatively low level of classification. The Times has taken care not to publish information that would harm national security interests.
"The Times and the other news organizations agreed at the outset that we would not disclose — either in our articles or any of our online supplementary material — anything that was likely to put lives at risk or jeopardize military or antiterrorist operations. We have, for example, withheld any names of operatives in the field and informants cited in the reports.
"We have avoided anything that might compromise American or allied intelligence-gathering methods such as communications intercepts. We have not linked to the archives of raw material. At the request of the White House, The Times also urged WikiLeaks to withhold any harmful material from its Web site."
  • The White House has accused WikiLeaks of endangering the lives of American, British and other coalition troops by releasing the intelligence documents.

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