Friday 16 July 2010

C4 News stands by report on Goldsmith's expenses

Channel 4 News is standing by its report and investigation into MP Zac Goldsmith's election expenses which was conducted jointly with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
Goldsmith claimed last night: "Channel 4 have specifically focused on my returns because it guarantees them extra coverage...This is no more than shoddy and sensational journalism."
C4 News said in a statement: “We refute any suggestion that Zac Goldsmith was targeted simply because he is a high-profile figure. The questions we have raised relating to his expenses are entirely legitimate. The issues we found regarding Mr Goldsmith’s campaign expenses are materially different and of a different scale to those found in other returns we looked at. Channel 4 News stands fully behind its report, which was rigorously researched. The investigation into campaign spending continues.”
The Electoral Commission is reported to be considering the allegations that Goldsmith breached election campaign spending rules.

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