Friday, 2 July 2010

How Mayor's trouser fail tale went worldwide

The Leicester Mercury has a follow up today on its brilliant story about the Mayor's trousers falling down in front of schoolchildren.
It reports: "Leicester has many claims to fame – but probably none more bizarre than the tale of Lord Mayor Colin Hall's trousers falling down. The Mercury broke the story of the 46-year-old's wardrobe malfunction in front of stunned schoolchildren at Southfields Library.
"Now, it has made headlines around the world – attracting comment from as far afield as Australia, India and America. Within minutes of the story going online on Wednesday, it had been commented on by hundreds of social media users across Britain.
"The link to our story has been posted at a rate of once every minute for the past 48 hours on the popular Twitter website, and newspapers, radio and TV stations around the world have picked it up.
"BBC Radio 5 Live held a phone-in to ask listeners to detail their worst clothing malfunctions, Fox News in America ran the story, while Sky News in Australia also picked up on it."
The Mercury has a pic of the Lord Mayor - with his trousers on.
  • Posters on the Leicester Mercury website are joining in the fun. Paul, from Leicester, commented: "Does the mayoral car backfire and its doors fall off?"

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