Friday 13 February 2009

Quotes of the Week:

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, pointing to the £804,000 bill he has received from Carter-Ruck over the Tesco story:"To read this document you would weep for the cause of freedom of expression in this country."

Sun columnist Jane Moore on the film set rant by Christian Bale who exploded with rage after a member of the crew wandered into shot:"Compared to the various newsrooms I've worked in over the years Bale's outburst comes across as a rather genteel fit of pique."

Sir David Bell, chairman of the Financial Times and the Media Standards Trust: "Our research has shown that the current system of press self-regulation is failing the public. It is fundamentally flawed and in urgent need of reform. We believe that the Press Complaints Commission is constitutionally and structurally unable to deal with these threats, particularly in the context of the rapidly changing new media environment."

Roy Greenslade: "My faith in Lord Rothermere is restored. I applaud his intervention in order to ensure that staff at the London Evening Standard will receive reasonable redundancy terms."

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