Friday 20 February 2009

Another day, another Johnston PR disaster

I was just getting over how dreadful Johnston Press had been made to look on a BBC report of the strike at Yorkshire Post Newspapers, when it scores another own goal with the sudden departure of Scotsman editor Mike Gilson.
Johnston's statement on Gilson's exit was totally unhelpful. It said Gilson had "relinquished his position" and "further announcements will be made in due course. The company has no other comment to make at this time." The statement did nothing to stop speculation soaring about major changes ahead for the newspapers in Edinburgh.
Even worse was the reponse to the BBC film which had Yorkshire Evening Post veteran reporter Peter Lazenby speaking on camera for the striking journalists saying how "proud" he was of his paper and its campaigns and outlining the reasons for the action.
In contrast, Johnston Press gave the BBC an old off camera statement saying how "surprised" it was that no volunteers for redundancy had come forward at Leeds. There you have it. A journalist proud of his paper and a management expressing surprise that no-one wants to leave.

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Anonymous said...

As you rightly point out, Johnston Press is a shameful excuse for a news organisation stuffed with contemptible half-wit executives lamenting the days of 30% profits. Whereas Pete Lazenby is a hero.