Monday 16 February 2009

NUJ says GMG 'must negotiate' on pay freeze

The NUJ said today it has "reminded" managers at Guardian Media Group that the company is obliged to enter into negotiations over its planned pay freeze for 2009 because of agreements on consultation it has with the union.
GMG said on Friday that the economic downturn means it cannot increase salaries this year and most executive bonuses will not be paid.
NUJ head of publishing, Barry Fitzpatrick, said today: “A pay review is due and we have tabled a number of questions to management to clarify the company’s position and financial situation. The company has already made commitments to conduct a pay audit and we have a right to be consulted over pay, so we expect formal negotiations to take place.
“We welcome reassurances from management that there are no plans for job cuts – and firmer commitments on this would certainly ease our negotiations – but the company needs to involve its staff representatives in any decisions that are taken.”

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