Monday 23 February 2009

Jade Goody 'most watched' but it's 'mass worship of the ordinary' says Glover

Stories about Jade Goody filled the top five slots in the 'most watched' stories over the previous 24 hours on the MediaGuardian website this morning, proving her appeal goes way beyond the tabloid press.
But Stephen Glover in The Independent today admits: "This celebration of ordinariness by the media leaves me bemused". Glover writes: "I am happy to accept that she is not a monster, and I even rather admire her expert manipulation, or that of her advisers, of the media. But I hate this mass worship of the ordinary. And it seems to me that intelligent columnists who romanticise her life and invest her death with heroic significance are writing sentimental nonsense. What has already happened is bad enough, but I fear it may be only the beginning, and that it may all end with even the supposedly serious media forcing us to witness her death."

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