Tuesday 10 February 2009

Media job losses now top 4,000 in UK

Press Gazette's Media Money columnist Peter Kirwan has updated his media job loss calculations - and reports that more than 4,000 jobs have gone since the beginning of July last year.
He says reported media job losses in December were 588 and in January 434, giving a cumulative total of 4,323 since July 1 2008.
Peter adds: "In terms of reported job losses, neither December or January matched the bad months of July, September and November during 2008.
"But there seem obvious reasons why this should be so. More important, I suspect, is the cumulative trend, which looks unpleasantly consistent. It strikes me that I’m seeing fewer stories about large-scale (50+) lay-offs. But it seems unwise to suggest that there won’t be more of them in the future."

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