Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What makes a splash?

In US newspapers there's an old saying: "If it bleeds, it leads". Now I've heard a new one, courtesy of Steve Dyson's blog reviewing local papers.
Today Dyson suggested that the paper he was reviewing, the Burnley Express, had led on the wrong splash. He thought the Express should have gone on the conviction of a paedophile.
A poster on the blog claims: "My old news editor used to scream 'where there's a paedo, you lead-o.' " Such sensitive souls, journalists.
  • There's a suggestion the news editor's quote has been made up. I am shocked. See posts below.


Paul Linford said...

Sadly the HTFP user who posted that comment admitted (in the course of the same post) that his old news editor had said no such thing, and that he had made it up.

Steve Dyson said...

Yeah but Paul, apocryphal or not, a great saying!

Teessider said...

A quiet news day in Teesside: "Looking for someone who's died? Check classified."

Sub in the same office moaning about pressure: "Pressure? Pressure makes diamonds! Come on, press the button!"

Both from newsroom legend the late Tony Dumphy.

Any more gems out there?