Friday, 2 July 2010

Journalists wanted: Capture the world on 10-10-10

Journalists and documentary filmmakers are being asked to participate in an ambitious event which aims to capture the world over a 24-hour period on October 10 2010.
Those behind One Day on Earth say it is a documentary and new media project about the diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occurs in one 24-hour period on Earth.
They claim: "By participating in this historic event, you will help capture the diversity of life and culture on this planet. Together we will create a document that is a gift to the world."
The flagship of the project is a planned 120-minute documentary. Participants are said to include school children in remote classrooms in Tigray, Ethiopia, to Academy Award nominated filmmakers, and charitable organisations.
Check out the project and a video about it here: onedayonearth

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