Thursday, 1 July 2010

Citizen campaigns to reunite father with children

The Milton Keynes Citizen has launched a campaign to try and reunite a father with his two boys who were taken away by their mother on holiday 21 months ago and are now in Zambia.
Despite the father, Milton Keynes resident Ken Spooner, obtaining an English High Court order saying the children should return to Britain their mother has refused to do so.
The paper is asking readers to support the campaign by signing a "Justice for Ken" petition which asks the British government to intervene on the father's behalf.
The Citizen's deputy editor Craig Lewis said: "We have been following the case for the last three months, but decided to act after the Zambian Supreme Court dismissed the English Order. Thus, we launched our 'Justice for Ken' campaign.
"Since then the issue has been raised in the House of Commons by local MP Mark Lancaster and we have launched a petition asking the British Government to intervene. But his situation got worse at the end of last week when he was arrested for allegedly trying to re-abduct the kids."
  • Today the Citizen is carrying a first person piece by Ken Spooner on how he was detained and held in cells by Zambian police after being accused of trying to take his boys, Caelan and Devlan, out of the country.

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