Thursday, 15 January 2009

Union recognition talks 'back on track' at New Statesman but redundancies feared

The NUJ said today that recognition talks are "back on track" at the Left-wing political weekly New Statesman but redundancies at the magazine are also being discussed.
The NUJ claims 15 of the New Statesman's 16 editorial staff are in the NUJ and the union was shocked, given the magazine's Left-wing history, to be denied automatic recognition.
Businessman Mike Danson, who co-owns the magazine with Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson, has invited the union for talks.
Sue Harris, the NUJ organiser for magazines, said: “It's great to see our negotiations back on track. We are delighted to be discussing recognition with a magazine that supports trade unions in its editorial columns."
The union said it is also in talks with the New Statesman about possible redundancies.

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