Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Murdoch the winner if Russian gets Evening Standard says Private Eye

Private Eye's take on Alexander Lebedev taking over the Evening Standard is that the real winner would be Rupert Murdoch, who sparked the fierce free newspaper war in the capital by launching thelondonpaper.
The latest issue of the Eye says "...the man with the most potential cause for rejoicing is Rupert Murdoch. Associated Newspapers, in the London freebies war, committed the same mistake Conrad Black made when he dragged the Telegraph into a price war with The Times: they thought they could outspend him. By forcing Rothermere to consider the sale of the Standard ... the News Corps boss has once again demonstrated that no one but no one, has deeper pockets than the Digger."
Richard Addis also closely examines how Murdoch would benefit from the deal on his Shake Up Media blog.

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