Tuesday, 13 January 2009

MP's claim 'dyslexia is a cruel fiction' scoop for Manchester Confidential website

A highly controversial claim by an MP that dyslexia is a myth on listings website ManchesterConfidential is bound to be picked up by the mainstream media.
Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Manchester Blackley, writes in his Confidential column: "The reason that so many children fail to read and write is because the wrong teaching methods are used. The education establishment, rather than admit that their eclectic and incomplete methods for instruction are at fault, have invented a brain disorder called dyslexia. To label children as dyslexic because they’re confused by poor teaching methods is wicked."
And: "Dyslexia is a cruel fiction, it is no more real than the 19th century scientific construction of ‘the √¶ther’ to explain how light travels through a vacuum."

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