Thursday, 15 January 2009

Save the paper: stop the presses for a day

Blogger Martin Belam of Currybetdotnet has a humorous hit back at the proposal by Canadian journalist Cale Cowan, reported here on Saturday, that newspapers across the world should shut down their websites for a day to show its is the press that provides most of the news on the internet.
Martin's firmly tongue in cheek six point plan for how newspapers can show their "unique" value includes the following:" Stop the presses for a day. Newspapers could decide to all not produce a printed edition on a normal weekday, and then use all of the money they saved on materials and distribution to invest in technology, innovation, and keep on some of the journalists and sub-editors they are currently sacking.
But that, of course, would be utterly, utterly, utterly unthinkable...."

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