Monday, 19 January 2009

Greenslade repeats extracts of Glover's pulled 'Telegraph a national tragedy' article

Roy Greenslade has on his MediaGuardian blog today reprinted parts of the contentious article by Stephen Glover in The Independent in which Glover claimed what was happening at the Telegraph was "a national tragedy" - even though it has been pulled from The Indy's website.
Greenslade has alleged that The Independent caved in to legal pressure from the Telegraph's owners, the Barclay Brothers.
He writes of Glover: "No word from Stephen Glover in The Independent today about his December 22 column having been deleted from the paper's website. So it looks as though the fearless media columnist and campaigner for press freedom has tamely accepted his bosses' censorship following complaints from Telegraph Media Group."
Greenslade then repeats some of the most critical comments made by Glover.

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