Friday 25 November 2011

Media Quotes of the Week: From the tabloids trashed at the Leveson Inquiry to the last Post

Sally Dowler, mother of Milly Dowler, at the Leveson Inquiry on the moment she
found her daughter's phone messages had been deleted and had cried out to her husband: “She’s picked up her voicemail, Bob, she’s alive.”

Kate McCann to the Leveson Inquiry after extracts of her diary were published by the News of the World: "I felt totally violated. I had written those words at the most desperate time of my life and it was my only way of communicating with Madeline. There was no respect shown for me as a grieving mother or for my daughter Madeline and it made me feel very vulnerable and small."

Sienna Miller to the Leveson Inquiry: “It was baffling how stories kept coming out. I changed my number three times in three months and decided it couldn’t have been as a result of hacking, so horribly, I accused my friends and family of selling stories and they accused each other.”

Allison Pearson in the Daily Telegraph: "Not all journalists are the same. Some of us shudder at the vultures who make money, fun and increased circulation out of human misery. Since when did the destruction of a family become public sport? Let’s hope that Lord Justice Leveson teaches the culprits a lesson they’ll never forget. Hack Fact Rats 'caught with pants down in legal sting’.”

Mark Lewis, the solicitor for phone hacking victims, writing on ExaroNews argues that people should realise there were many victims of the hacking scandal: "The people whose phones were hacked; the people who worked for the News of the World who were not involved but lost their jobs; the readers who lost their paper; the honest journalists who are tarnished by the activities of those who broke the law; and, most of all, the population who need the fourth estate to expose the impropriety of the powers that be."

The Daily Telegraph on the value of Northcliffe: "Daily Mail & General Trust has appointed Ernst & Young to value its Northcliffe Media regional newspapers division ahead of a potential sale. The results of E&Y's 'vendor due diligence' review show the regional newspaper group has plummeted in value from £1.5bn to just £150m in less than five years."

Liverpool Daily Post editor Mark Thomas on the decision to take his paper weekly: "We are lucky to possess one of the great brands in journalism and we’ve been serving our city for 156 years. This change sets us up to serve it for the next 156 - in print and online and through whatever channels readers seek to receive it."

Steve Dyson on HoldtheFrontPage on the move by Trinity Mirror Midlands to close the Chase Post:
"We can only hope that someone, somewhere – perhaps without huge central costs and with no plc shareholders to please – might take a long, hard look at whether a locally owned Post with its great staff might still work."
  • Old Quote of the Week, via The Word. Napoleon Bonaparte: "Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets"

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