Tuesday 8 November 2011

Eurozone crisis returns to top of news agenda

Political upheaval in Greece sent the Eurozone financial crisis back to the top of the news agenda in the week ending Sunday, November 6, according to journalisted.

Minister George Papandreou announcing a referendum on a new EU bailout package, subsequently called off, generated 522 articles (including references to 'Greek Tragedy', 18 articles); Papandreou surviving a vote of confidence, leading to coalition talks and his eventual decision to step down, 252 articles; three Pakistani cricket players convicted of match fixing, 192 articles; more than thirty vehicles involved in crash on the M5 motorway, 82 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, were Israeli naval forces intercepting a flotilla en route to the Gaza Strip, 14 articles; Scotland could become first EU nation to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol, 13 articles; 45 miners rescued and 8 killed in mine explosion and cave-in near Sanmenxia city in China, 10 articles; Alasdair McDonnell elected leader of Social Democratic and Labour Party in Northern Ireland, 10 articles; 14 civilians killed in Colombia landslide, 4 articles.
  • Pic: How the Sun covered the Greek crisis.

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