Tuesday 29 November 2011

Guido obeys Leveson order on Campbell draft but says it is not 'an acceptance of jurisdiction'

Blogger Guido Fawkes last night took down a link to Alastair Campbell's leaked draft evidence to the Leveson Inquiry "pending legal advice".

Lord Justice Leveson yesterday made an order preventing the publication of any witness statements provided to the inquiry until they are formally put into evidence.

Guido, aka Paul Staines, has been summoned to appear before the inquiry on Thursday after publishing extracts of Campbell's draft evidence at the weekend.

Today he published a letter to the Leveson Inquiry:

Dear Sirs,

Yesterday afternoon I became aware, via calls from journalists, that an order had been made against me. As I told the journalists and is widely reported this morning, I had not received any such order at that time.

Late night a tweet by the BBC’s Ross Hawkins directed me to the Inquiry website where I found a copy of the order. I also understand there is a notice, which I have yet to receive.

On the front page of my blog, in large type, my email, phone and fax numbers are clearly displayed. Could I politely request that service is effected by either email or fax as set out below.

Pending sight of the notice which will enable me to get legal advice, late last night I removed the statements by Alastair Campbell from my website. This is in no way an admission of any kind nor is it an acceptance of jurisdiction.

Paul Staines
Editor Guido Fawkes’ Blog


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yet it is available widely on the internet - and has been since Sunday - to read. Posted and reposted all over the world. Is Lord Leveson now going to summon the entire www family to appear before him?
guido has clearly shown Leveson or the govt it (they) cannot control the publication of information on the internet.
I read the information on Sunday - and I do not live within the bounds or restrictions of English law. Am I to be summoned? No, of course not, whatever Leveson decrees has no bearing in law where I live. None whatsoever!!