Monday 21 November 2011

'No newspapers please, we're journalism students'

I am told that a poll of 150 journalism BA students at the University of Central Lancashire, conducted this autumn by a senior lecturer, has revealed that fewer than 10 per cent said they regularly read a national newspaper.

Of the ones that did, almost all read either the Guardian, the Independent, or the i. Around a third said they regularly used the BBC, mostly its website.

The poll apparently showed that the students, in their final year before graduation, favour social media like Facebook and Twitter and specialist websites over "mainstream media" like the national press.


CyrilStardust said...

Probably because they recognise the appalling standard of writing that prevails in mainstream newsprint. Good on them.

Anonymous said...

Turf them off the course NOW. Even if they think papers are dead tree media, they arew still vital