Friday 11 November 2011

Media Quotes of the Week: From timid editors to is it time for a Self-Hating Journalists' club?

Chris Morley, the NUJ’s Northern and Midlands organiser, in a blog for Ethos PR: “Local newspapers are not dead but they are being killed by remote and irresponsible owners who care nothing for them but as a source of ready cash. The damage is being compounded by the air of defeatism being generated by often timid editors (with a few honourable exceptions) who refuse to challenge the bean counters to protect their own titles."

Grey Cardigan in Press Gazette on why the "grey men in grey suits" forced out Northcliffe's outspoken editors: "They couldn't handle the boardroom battles, the cult of 'Editorial is King' and the notion that people would fight to the death for what was right for their newspapers, their readers and their staff. So off they had to go."

Tom Watson MP to James Murdoch: "You must be the first Mafia boss in history who did not know he was running a criminal enterprise."

James Murdoch: "Mr. Watson, that's inappropriate."

Neil Fowler in his Guardian lecture: "Moves should be made to help the three PLCs - Johnston Press and Trinity Mirror in this country - and Gannett [parent company of Newsquest] in the US - to have, in the words of the moment, an orderly default on their debts."

Peter Preston in the Observer on the Huffington Post and founder Arianna Huffington: "AOL is not making money. But the Huff seems to be spending as though there's no tomorrow. Maybe it will all come up roses. But the moment when Arianna actually starts paying her contributors looks more long awaited than ever."

George Monbiot in The Word magazine: "What destroys journalism is people like Christopher Booker or Melanie Phillips, who seem to believe that they were born right, and whatever they say is right. That kills journalism, coupled with the desire to cultivate a loyal fan base - the last thing journalists should do. We're not rock stars, and we shouldn't behave like them."

Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger giving the Orwell lecture: “Over the coming period we’ll hear many uncomfortable truths about failed regulation, distorted priorities, illegal practices and a betrayal of both the public and the public interest. But it’s also a once in a generation chance to celebrate great reporting, to think again about what journalism at its best can do and what it should be.”

Sky News political editor Adam Boulton on Twitter: "Is it time for a Self-Hating Journalists Club? Roy Greenslade, John Lloyd, Brian Cathcart founding members perhaps?"

Roy Greenslade responds: "I don't hate journalists, @adamboultonSKY. But I do hate hackers, stalkers, users of agents provocateur and routine users of subterfuge."

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