Thursday, 16 June 2011

WikiLeaks: 'Assange treated like caged animal'

A new WikiLeaks video claims the British bail conditions of the website's founder Julian Assange are excessive and he is "being treated like a caged animal".

Assange is electronically tagged and has to sign in at a police station every day.

The film, broadcast on the site, also alleges that extra surveillance cameras have been installed around the houses he is required to stay in Norfolk so the Government can spy on his movements and see who is visiting him.

Sarah Harrison, of WikiLeaks, says on the film: "I'm British and I'valways been proud of our justice system. But this is just wrong. This is a man who hasn't even been charged and he's being treated like a caged animal."

Assange has been required to stay in Norfolk, at the home of the Frontline Club's Vaughan Smith, for the past six months while he fights extradition to Sweden over allegations of sexual crimes, which he denies.

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