Tuesday, 21 June 2011

How the Independent could invade the privacy of muck-raking tabloid rats - and sell more papers

An Independent reader has come with a novel way to boost the newspaper's sales, after reading Mary Ann Sieghart's article yesterday on how the muck-rakers in the tabloid press should be stopped.

R S Foster from Sheffield, in a letter published by the Indy today, says:

"Could I suggest that if Mary Ann Sieghart and her high-minded broadsheet colleagues are serious about restraining the muck-raking vermin who infest the tabloids (Opinion, 20 June), they do so by using the many discreditable facts they no doubt know about the vermin to produce a weekly page about their repulsive personal behaviour and private misdeeds?

"I believe this would have far more impact than any number of high-minded columns and editorials, might sell more papers, and would certainly provide much amusement to the rest of us."

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