Friday, 9 October 2009

Read all about it: 23 papers for less than a fiver

On the way to Angel station in London today I was given a free copy of the paid-for Islington Gazette, then outside the station I was handed a book of vouchers giving 50p off the Guardian all next week and £1 off the Observer.
All this activity comes ahead of the Standard going free from Monday. The Islington Tribune is already free, as is the London Lite afternoon paper.
So next week, I could get five Standards, five Lites and two local papers, if the Gazette continues its free promotion, for nothing.
Five Guardians for a total of £2.50 and The Observer for £1. If I wanted to read a tabloid each day I could spend £1 on the Sun, which sells for 20p in London.
That means I could have ten morning, five afternoon, five evening, two local papers and one heavyweight Sunday newspaper, 23 in all, and only spend £4.50p.
That's a bit nuts isn't it?

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