Thursday, 8 October 2009

Paxman joins world journalism crisis debate

Newsnight inquisitor-in-chief Jeremy Paxman is to join by video-link a strong line up due to debate at Coventry University on whether there is a crisis affecting journalism across the world.
Also taking part in the live video, real-time and webcast conference are Nick Davies, author of 'Flat Earth News'; Professor Richard Keeble; from New York, Professor Jeff Jarvis; and from Geneva, Professor Adrian Monck, now of the World Economic Forum in Davos and formerly head of journalism at City University.
With live links to the USA and Africa, the conference will be chaired in Coventry by Kevin Marsh, the editor of the BBC College of Journalism and former editor of the Today programme.
The discussion is also supported by and sponsored by Camelot. The event on Wednesday, October 28 starts at 2pm in the Humber Theatre in the centre of the campus. Entry is free and open to all. More information at or via email: johnmair100 [at]

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