Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Nelson: 'I see no photographers'

New Spectator editor Fraser Nelson admits on the mag's blog that he is to blame for the pictures of David Cameron drinking champagne at the Tory Party conference.
He confesses: "When David Cameron turned up to The Spectator’s party last night, I thought it only decent to ply him with a glass of fizz. After all, a magazine whose motto is “champagne for the brain” can hardly begrudge champagne for the guests. And what’s the harm, I thought – there were no photographers at the party. Right? Wrong. The picture is now on the front page of the Evening Standard – with yours truly beside Cameron having just plonked it in his hand a few seconds earlier. I promise, it wasn’t a set-up: we thought we’d cleared the place of photographers."
The pic is also in the Daily Mirror which says: "As soon as we took our snap, Tory minders tried to seize the damaging picture. They had banned all cameras from the party and approached the Mirror team demanding to know “Who are you with?” But we managed to smuggle the picture out."

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