Thursday, 8 October 2009

Guardian grovel to subs: 'You are journalists'

The Guardian readers' editor Siobhain Butterworth apologises to the paper's own subs today for not calling them journalists.
A piece in Butterworth's Open Door column on Monday referred to "journalists and sub editors". Today an item in the Guardian's Corrections and Clarifications column states: "Subeditors are journalists. In trying to distinguish between the roles the column should have referred to writers/reporters and subeditors."


Greg Watts said...

I think she is right to make the distinction. This is because while most subs are journalists, most journalists are not subs. Her distinction separates the different roles.

Freudus said...

@greg watts:
That's a strange logical contortion to defend a simple mistake. Your example is the equivalent of saying 'I enjoy eating fish and tuna'. The sentence construction implies a categorical difference between the objects. Plus it sounds silly.

Anonymous said...

I think Greg Watts is right. What he said in no way sounds silly. There is a distinction.