Thursday, 1 April 2010

'Why nobody reads newspapers any more'

From ex-Mirror feature writer Colin Dunne's new book on his career in journalism, 'Man Bites Talking Dog': "I knew it was over when an unsmiling executive showed me over one of the new Canary Wharf offices. It had all the atmosphere of a Swiss euthanasia clinic. What did I think?
'For a start,'  I said, 'there should be several empty beer bottles, covered in dust, on the window sill. The floor should be covered in crumpled intros. There should be a reporter snoring on a damaged sofa, the sound of singing from the lift and weeping from the Ladies. At all times there should be a discarded bra in the paper bin.'
He was aghast.
'We've put a stop to all that,' he snapped.
Which is probably why nobody reads newspapers any more."
'Man Bites Talking Dog' is published by Revel Barker Publishing and is available on Amazon.

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